2018 Annual Report


Dear Renovation Family,

From the very beginning of launching in 2015, Renovation Church has strived to be a church worthy of your support. We have aimed to be laser focused on the mission Jesus has called us to. It’s a mission to reach every man woman and child through repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Every weekend focus on the one, believing God has a next step for each person. Today, over 1,000 changed lives gather for worship on the weekends at our Topsail Campus. Through your generosity we’ve been able to provide a place where 141 people said yes to Jesus this year alone.

We strive to create opportunities for every person we reach to make their faith personal and relational. Just one of the ways we do this is by creating a welcoming environment every Sunday where individuals can grow in community and experience the love and support of the church family. Through your generosity, we've welcomed 301 first time families through our doors in 2018.

We believe in the importance of empowering people to make a difference in the lives of others through the gifts God has given them. This year we have seen 147 individuals take the next step to be a part of our volunteer teams. They’ve joined with hundreds of other volunteers who are doing for others what others have done for them!

We believe God has called us to impact our community through love and service, leaving an eternal investment that will extend far beyond us. For Topsail has not only been our statement of serving this year, but it’s now a movement of people, letting our community know that God loves and cares for them deeply. Through your generosity, we've been able to give $19,406.08 to families in need!

As we transition into a year that, we believe, will be our Best Year Ever, I want to thank God for all he has done in 2018 and for his hand of provision through it all. Thank you for your commitment to living for what matters by giving of your time, talents and treasures.

Every prayer, every act of service, every dollar you have given has made an eternal difference. As a result of your faithful support, we continue in the vision God has given us believing wholeheartedly that the best is yet to come!

What a joy it is serving as your pastor!

~ Jonathan Cockrell

What We Were for In 2018

For far too long “the church” has been known by what we are against. Our hope is to be known by what we are for. This year we have seen God move in a mighty way through HIS church. Here are some of the big moments we want to highlight and celebrate in 2018.




 We Are for Life Change

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. “The ONE” represents the one person that is close to you but far from God that He has called you to actively reach. We’ve seen God do incredible things through people stepping out and having personal conversations with their “one.”


In 2018 we greeted 1,035 guests (avg.) each Sunday.
That’s an increase from 794 in 2017.

A Story Of Life Change




 We Are for Topsail

We believe that our community should be better and will be better because we are here in it. We want to reach the whole, not just the soul by actively serving people. This is why we declare so often that we are “for Topsail.”

Missional Living

Our Missional Community Groups (MCGs) currently facilitate projects and create opportunities to serve:

Surf City Elementary School, Surf City Middle School, South Topsail Elementary School, Topsail Elementary School, Topsail Middle School, Topsail High School, Topsail Young Life, Dixon Elementary School, Dixon High School, House of Hope, Safe Haven, Share the Table, Surf City EMS & Fire, and Military Families

Hurricane Florence

Last year, Hurricane Florence swept through our community bringing record breaking rain and flood damage. What some would see as a “set-back,” God would intend as a “set-up” for His Church to respond.


$54,706 was collected last year to Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief by the people of Renovation Church and partnerships around the nation. So far, we have disbursed $19,406.08 towards meeting the needs created by the storm.




Local, National & Global Partnerships

What does it take to reach every man, woman and child? It requires every believer to pursue kingdom living not just here in our community but also communities within our nation and the world.


Last year we also were able to send 3 teams on international mission trips between our partnerships in Africa and Haiti.




We Are for The Family

Each and every week our volunteers dress up, step up, and lead up in creative and engaging ways so that our kids can meet Jesus on their level.

Family Ministry | Weekly Averages

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Ryan’s Story




We Are for Generosity
2018 & 2019 Financials


2018 Income Report | $1,408,229 total

$1,052,666 – Tithes & Offerings
$55,290 – Disaster Relief
$124,494 – Vision Builders
$175,778 – Other

2018 Expense Report | $1,044,772 total

$472,058 – Staffing
$419,333 – Operations
$153,331 – Missions


First Time Givers

Last year we celebrated 173 individuals who gave for the first time!

2019 Budget Overview

Total Operating Budget: $1,195,596